Cajun Boudin Stop in Ville Platte, LA = B+ Rated Boudin


Location: 1691 Hwy 167 N. Opelousas, LA


Ambiance: A corner meat market and boudin stop not in any particular city. On any given Saturday morning it may be filled with guys headed out to hunt or fish who need a boudin fix or a cold one. Lots of locals and lots of tasty meat in the meat case and a selection of fried foods in the heater.



Price: $2.99 lb.

Presentation: cut and put in a paper boat (this presentation could be known as “the Opelousas Boudin Boat.”

Casing: Crisp but not brittle.

Texture: A nice texture: Plenty of character with the rice and bits of meat balancing one another. Plenty of wilted onions and other green vegetables for flavor.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equivalent amounts of rice and meat.

Spices: Medium

Overall Taste: This is a good tasting link. It could use a little more flavor with, perhaps, a tad more juice. Nice color too.

Comments: On the road to Ville Platte, though it doesn’t feel like it this place is still in Opelousas. It is hustling and bustling and they’ll get you in and out as fast as you need. Give’em a try for a decent, home-made link.

Reviewed on 1/14/06