Country Ridge Express in Opelousas, LA = B+ Rated Boudin


Location: 4932 I-49 North Service Road, Exit 17, Opelousas, LA 70570

Ambiance: A Texaco gas station with a side shop selling plate lunches to be eaten in an attached dining room. The main part of the station store sells hot food, cracklins, and boudin. They are friendly group of workers eager to serve the customers. One might easily pass by this boudin shop thinking that it is just a gas station, but, as the locals know, there is much more.



Cost: $2.99 lb.

Presentation: Sitting on a piece of foil in a paper boat and slipped into a paper bag. The boudin will be cut into sections if the patron requests this treatment.

Casing: Crisp and breakable with a nice texture.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat.

Texture: A bit on the dry side. The meat component is pulverized but also includes some chunky bits of meat. Larger than average pieces of onion.

Spices: Medium/Hot

Overall Taste: Very good with a luscious onion flavor throughout the link. It is concurrently oniony, ricey, and porky. The ingredients possess a large amount of spice and flavor and thus allowing the boudin to get away with having more rice than other highly sought after links.

Comments: This is a fat and filling link. Perhaps a little too much rice. If you’re on I-49 heading north, it is a worthwhile stop. The boudin is homemade as are the cracklins and we commend the owners on their boudin-making talent.


Reviewed on 3/14/04