Early’s Food Store in Scott, LA = B+ Rated Boudin


Location: 1410 St. Mary Street, Scott, LA

Ambiance: A full service supermarket on the main drag in Scott, LA. Independent grocers like this are a dying breed. The well-worn interior recalls generations of use and this is still the main supermarket for people living in Scott. The workers are helpful and friendly. You’ll have to go to “Karen’s Kitchen” at the front of the store to get the boudin. The baked goods coming out of the oven looked and smelled delicious.


EarlysboudinCost: $2.49 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of foil-backed paper and sold from “Karen’s Kitchen.”

Casing: Excellent. Delicate yet firm.

Rice/Meat Ratio: An even, well-balanced, mixture of rice and meat.

Texture: Both mushy and dry.

Spices: Hot (made with a proprietary blend of seasonings known as “Now That’s Cajun Spice.”)

Overall Taste: Very good. A satisfying link of boudin. Dry but tasty, this link has flecks of red pepper and green onion throughout. The rice seemed a little overcooked, but not enough to detract too much from the link’s effectiveness on the pallet.

Comments: The links at Early’s are spiced with “Now That’s Cajun Spice” and are the hottest we’ve tested: tongue tingling good heat. Early’s link of boudin is also the smallest we’ve sampled and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Too many places serve up half-pound (+) links and that can be too much. Upon first look, these little links resembled grilled sausages with a distinctly dark color.


Reviewed on 4-18-04