Glenn’s Mart (Cowboy’s) in Vinton, LA= B- Rated Boudin


Ambiance: A combi restaurant/convenience store/gas station. The highway sign sends you to the restaurant for boudin and the restaurant sends you to the convenience store where a small deli counter sits next to a small pizza counter. It seems like the meat shop kitchen is the same as the restaurant kitchen. The microwaves are at the waiting in the back to heat your links.


Location: West Louisiana — 1312 Gum Cove Rd., Vinton, LA 70668



Price: Regular Boudin is $3.49 lb

Presentation: After being microwaved the links are wrapped in foil and place in a large rectangular Styrofoam clamshell.

Casing: Thick and hard to break.

Meat/Rice Ratio: A tad bit more rice than meat.

Texture: Sort of dry in the texture department, but the large chunks of still crisp green onion are appreciated.

Spice: Mild/Medium – Even a 3 year old could handle the spice.

Overall Flavor: Decent, but a little curious. Perhaps a little too much paprika. The link is distinctly red hued.


Comments: If you’re lucky, like I was, the cowboy himself will manhandle your boudin, repeatedly resetting the microwave until the links are scaldingly hot. The cowboy told me that the key to his boudin is good quality Boston Butt and low liver component. He uses only about 6 lbs of liver to 100 lbs of meat.

Comment on the Smoked Boudin – Tasted a little too smoky. It is good to taste the smoke but not the soot.

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Reviewed December 2008