Heleaux’s Grocery in Lafayette, LA = B Rated Boudin


Location: 3002 Verot School Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508

Ambiance: A clean store that serves a loyal clientele on the outskirts of Lafayette. Friendly and jovial, the staff will make every effort to please the customer. Although the boudin is not made on the premises, someone skilled in the way of the rice cooker cooks it behind the meat counter.



Cost: $3.19 lb.

Presentation: Placed in a Styrofoam boat, wrapped in plastic wrap, and priced with a label that lists all the ingredients of the boudin. Check out at the front of the store.

Casing: A decent and breakable casing. Leaning on being overly flexible, it is certainly passable.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Significantly more meat than rice.

Texture: Moist and mushy. Almost like a meat paste.

Spices: Medium.

Overall Taste: A tasty and satisfying link of boudin. Although the texture is not the best, the flavors of the boudin are pleasing and filling. Small bits of green onion are present and the ingeideints list includes green pepper as well.

Comments: Heleaux’s does not make their own boudin. Instead, they purchase it from Martin Kirk Slaughter House in Carencro, LA. According to the worker we spoke to, this same slaughterhouse provides boudin for a host of local meat shops and gas stations. While we prefer businesses that make their own boudin, this is a quality link that fills a need for establishments that do not have the facilities for on-site production, but still want to provide a quality product to their customers. Heleaux’s is a nice place for a link of boudin.


Reviewed on 8/14/04