Jay’s Specialty Meats & Seafood in Bunkie, LA = B- Rated Boudin

Jays5Jays3Ambiance: Walk inside this expanded gas station and you’ll find a surprisingly clean and well stocked grocery store, meat market, and seafood shop. Check out the shelves and make your way to the meat cutters in the back, but you’ll have to come back to the front for your link.


Location: 1197 Highway 29, Bunkie, LA



Price: 3.59 lb.

Presentation: Kept warm next to the liquor. It’ll be wrapped in waxed paper and put in a brown paper bag for you.

Casing: Chewy and tough. The casing actually worked kind of like a bladder in this case. Notice the air bubble in the picture below.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: Wet and runny. The rice was undercooked and the filling was too wet and loose for this reviewer’s taste. The green onions were also crisp (perhaps a little undercooked too).

Spice: Mild

Overall Flavor: Despite the off putting texture and tough casing, the overall flavor is not bad. It is pleasant and mild.

Comments: The shop is clean, clean, clean and the shelves are meticulously arranged. This link has promise.


Reviewed March 2009