Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom in Los Angeles, CA = B- Rated Boudin


Does it look like sausage and peppers sandwich? That’s what we thought. The daughter’s assessment: “tastes like a spicy hot dog.”


Ambiance: On a layover in Los Angles on our way to Alaska (for History on the Move) we spotted Jody Maroni’s and low and behold, they had BOUDIN on their menu. What a surprise, and considering that they only feature six sausages at this airport location . . . . well, . . . . what are the chances? Anyway, as far as “ambiance” goes, this is an airport dining option so you’re not necessarily getting the full “Jody Maroni” experience. But you can get a bite to eat and sample some of this famous sausages from the kingdom.

Location: Los Angeles International Airport. (Various other locations can be found in L.A. and surrounding states.)


There’s rice. It is true, but does rice a boudin link make? We say . . . . . . nay.


Price: $6.49 for the boudin sandwich.

Presentation: An airport food service worker will prepare your buttered onion roll and serve your link drenched in peppers and onions.

Casing: The casing is unlike a regular link of boudin. Here, it is one with the filling the way they are with most sausages.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Significantly more meat than rice. It seems like the rice is included more for the “novelty” of putting it in the sausage and thus, seemingly, making it boudin.

Texture: Dense and delicious.

Spice: Moderate

Overall Flavor: Our daughter’s assessment of the link was that it “tastes like a spicy hot dog.” We think it has more nuance than just a spicy hot dog, but you certainly won’t recognize it as a link of Cajun boudin. It is really only boudin in name. This peppery link is made with beef and lots of green chilies and it is simmered in duck broth! Huh? Welcome to Los Angeles!

Comments: Here’s the thing . . . . we love a sandwich with tasty meat and tons of peppers and onions. But the onion roll wasn’t particularly fresh and the peppers and onions were actually bland. We’re sure Jody Maroni’s regular locations turn out better sandwiches (most food seems to suffer at the airport) and we look forward to trying them down on Venice Beach some day.



Reviewed July 2012