Kelly’s Cajun Specialty Meats in New Roads, LA = B Rated Boudin

Kellys_NewRoads4   Ambiance: There’s a lot to like about New Roads. My preferred way to get there or leave there is by taking the New Roads/St. Francisville Ferry ferry across the Mississippi River. However you get there, you’ll find a whopping range of meats (quail, hog head cheese, rabbit [deboned too], alligator, duck, frog, and so on) at Kelly’s. You’ll also find a clean establishment with a nice menu and a range of homemade soups and gumbos.


Location: 1642 Hospital Road, New Roads, LA 70760

The Boudin


Price: $3.39 lb.

Presentation: There is a roaster behind the counter and the nice lady has a pair of tongs and she knows how to use them.

Casing: The requisite snap from the dry casing which results from the dry heat generated by the roaster.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat, but there is enough meat.

Texture: Dryish with plenty of rice. The texture is also dense but has a fine amount of pork showing up in bits and small chunks. Some of the rice is not fully blended with the meat mixture. This results in some spots in the link being fully white with rice. Referred to by some critics as a “rice burrito.”

Spice: Medium

Overall Flavor: A heavy rice punch. Not bad at all, but the pasty texture and limited meat leave little room for much porky flavor.

Comments: If you find yourself in the area, this link is worth trying. And, what is more, they have all sorts of meat items and stuffed items that are worth packing up and taking home.

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Reviewed December 2009