Kelly’s Meat Block in Opelousas, LA = B Rated Boudin


Location: 1531 South Union, Opelousas, LA 70570


Ambiance: A pleasant meat market in an oddly unappealing mini strip mall. Inside this dark building is a clean and friendly shop. They carry a complete line of fresh meat and seafood, sell plate lunches, and even cater. Food can be seasoned to your specifications, they carry “Certified Louisiana” products, and proudly proclaim that “We Make Our Own Products.”



Cost: $2.89 lb.

Presentation: Cut up in pieces, placed in waxed paper and wrapped in butcher paper.

Casing: Crisp. Al dente.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Equal amounts of meat and rice.

Texture: Both meaty and ricey. A loose filling more akin to something you would expect as a side dish on a full plate of food.

Spices: Mild.

Overall Taste: The rice is of the long grain variety and it is almost “fluffy.” The meat is tasty and stout. Both are good but they do not mesh. They almost stand-alone. The biggest flavor burst comes from the pork, but it is different: It tastes as if the pork has been baked or roasted prior to going into the boudin. This is not a bad flavor at all. It is unique and quite good.

Comments: In a town that has a veritable boudin war going on, Kelly’s distinguishes themselves. In fact they distinguish themselves in comparison to boudin anywhere in South Louisiana. We think you will like it and we encourage you to undertake your own taste test. Kelly’s also has a location in Port Barre. Look’em up!

Reviewed on 2/19/05