Leger’s Country Market in Mire, LA = B Rated Boudin


Location: Leger’s Country Market & Specialty Meats, 8019 Grand Prairie Hwy Church Point LA (Note: Although they have a Church Point address, they are actually locaed in Mire, LA.)

LegwAmbiance: A nice place. It is clearly a hub of activity in these “off the intestate” parts. The day we were there folks were stirred up about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They are nice and lively folks who clearly love what they do. The full service min-store has all the fixings a person could need if they happen to be passin through and needin things.



Price: $2.79 lb.

Presentation: Quickly pulled from a giant warmer, already wrapped in alluminum foil, and you’re out the door with a smile.

Casing: A little on the chewy side.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More meat than rice, uh . . . . . More “pork product” than rice.

Texture: A panoply of pork pieces proudly pushed into a translucent casing.

Spices: Mild

Overall Taste: Complex. There’s a lot going on inside these little casings. lots of spice, and lots of different sections of the pig. Yummy fat. Tasty meat. Chewy Stuff. Crips onion and pepper. It’s all there. Oh, and it is a little on the greasy side.

Comments: This place is worth a stop just for the fun ladies behind the counter. They are quick to laugh and know all about the local goings-on. The boudin might not be the best we’ve tried, but it is authentic and local. For those reasons alone we appreciate it.

Reviewed on September 2005