Little Veron’s in Lafayette, LA = B- Rated Boudin


Location: 403 Rena Drive, Lafayette, LA 70503Veronsinside

Ambiance: A neighborhood store in a new building. Too often when these local grocery stores close their doors it is for good. Well, Little Veron’s closed their doors to move into a brand new building just a few doors down from the original. Thank goodness they did. Clean and modern with a wide variety of prepared meals, a well stocked wine section, and a meat case that will make you drool.



Cost: $2.38 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in an extra large piece of butcher paper and sent to the front of the store to be wrung up at the register.

Casing: Sort of hard to chew.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat.

Texture: Dry and chewy. A little bit on the pasty side. Multitudes of firm rice bind the, seemingly ground, pork with all the other ingredients.

Spices: Salty with a mild/medium heat.

Overall Taste: Tasty rice flavor abounds. Luscious pork flavor is secondary to the starchy taste of the rice which may not have been cooked long enough. The saltiness detracted from the overall essence of the link. Nice onion and green onion accents throughout.

Comments: A nice neighborhood store that is thriving. If it is in your neighborhood Little Veron’s will suffice your boudin cravings. They will also have whatever groceries you might need to stock in your pantry. Check out their weekly specials on quality meats.

Reviewed on 1/29/05