M & S Grocery in Lafayette, LA = B- Rated Boudin


Location: 2720 Louisiana Ave., Lafayette, LA

Ambiance: A pleasant surprise once you arrive. A nice Mom&Pop convenience/grocery store nestled on a cozy corner near Interstate 10. The low shelves are stocked with sundry supplies for the pantry and the small kitchen puts out a flavorful selection of plate lunches. A friendly couple run the store and they are always willing to chat about local news and sports, or the perils of bringing only ONE bag of cracklin back to Colorado.


MSboudinCost: $2.99 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of butcher paper and cheerfully rung up at the front register.

Casing: Perfect! Firm and breakable with just the slightest pressure. It’ll snap off in your mouth.

Rice/Meat Ratio: A tad more rice than meat.

Texture: Dry and sticky. It is hard to discern the meat from the rice in the pulverized filling. No visible chunks of meat at all, and only insignificant bits of green onion.

Spices: Mild and subtle.

Overall Taste: Although the filling is bone dry, the link has a nice flavor combination brought together with a noticeable tang of black pepper. While it might not pack a porky punch on your palate, you’ll certainly appreciate the taste.


Comments: You might want to bring along your own bottle of hot sauce to spice things up to your liking. The boudin is a good beginner’s link. Basically, the message on the front of the building rings true: “Home of Good Cajun Boudin.” By the way: Try the freshly cooked boudin balls while you’re here. They’re bite sized bits of wonderfulness.

Thanks to the two Texans.

Reviewed on 11/27/04