No-Name Boudin in Gulf Coast Market, Crystal Beach, TX = B- Rated Boudin


Location: 2385 Hwy 87, Crystal Beach, TX 77650 (No Name Boudain – Made in some guy’s house)


Ambiance: A medium sized store serving the vacationers and other assorted folks on this remote area of the Texas Gulf Coast. It is a bare bones sort of place and probably has to be evacuated a few times a year due to hurricane threats: It has that feeling to it. They have all your vacation and grocery supplies available.



Price: $2.95 lb.

Presentation: Sold cold and vacuumed packed.

Casing: VarRies depending on home cooking. Nice and thick..

Rice/Meat Ratio: Much more rice – Lots of rice.


Texture: Pulverized rice and mangled meat form a very dry filling.

Spice: Hot.

Overall Flavor: Black pepper!! Wow! You can really taste the black pepper and that seems to be where the heat is from. Is it boudin? Is is boudain? – Whatever it is it has black pepper in it.

Comments: When asked if they made their own “boudain,” the buther told said they “have it made.” When pressed, it was revealed that they have “a guy” who makes it for them in his house. No more information than that was provided. Kudos to this guy for finding a “boudain” making gig.


Reviewed December 2007