Richard’s Meat Market in Abbeville, LA = B Rated Boudin


Location: 117 Park Ave., Abbeville, LA


Ambiance: Just outside of the historic downtown of Abbeville, Richard’s Meat Market is a throwback to a time when things were simpler and always done right. Replete with murals on the outside of this cinderblock building, the proprietors don’t hesitate to proclaim that they have the “Best Boudin in Town.” This may be true, but what is certain is that they have a cute meat shop serving a variety of needs. Need “buffalo and pork” sausage? Need “chicken salsa” sausage? Need your deer prepared? This is the place to fulfill your needs.


RichardsboudinCost: $3.69 lb. in 2012(old price$2.69 lb.)

Presentation: Wrapped in a sturdy piece of buther paper, rung up, and placed in a brown paper bag.

Casing: A just right casing that M. Barry noted “rips well with the teeth.”

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat. Significantly more rice!

Texture: A “mash” of rice and pulverized meat all blended and, perhaps, re-blended. Teeny tiny bits of green onion are visible, but just barely. On the dry side.

Spices: Medium heat. It will warm your mouth but not send you packin for a breather.

Overall Taste: With a pinkish color, this link has a good flavor. A powerful rice flavor is present throughout. You can taste the spice, but there is a certain level of mildness to the overall taste profile.

Comments: Thanks to those who recommended we check out this site. They proclaim to be the best in Abbeville and that proclamation may be true. The folks who run the joint are pleasant and it is a popular place to be on a Saturday morning. We also sampled the cracklin, which stands at the top of the heap. They were both meaty and crunchy. Even the meat crunched through and through.: Awesome! And, if this were not enough, they also have delightfully smoky beef jerky made on the premises. Give’m a try.


Cindy Barry holding up a bag of Richard’s Cracklins.


Reviewed on 1/29/05