Rouses Market in Louisiana = B Rated Boudin



Ambiance: A new store in a developing area. It has the ambiance of a store trying to fit into the upscale niche one sees across the country. It is doing a good job of fitting into that niche, but it feels a little like you’re in a place following a trend instead of leading one.


Location: 2900 E. Milton Ave. Youngsville, LA 70592



Price: 3.99 lb.

Presentation: Sold cold back by the meat department. Placed on a Styrofoam meat tray with one of those absorbent pads underneath (yuck) and wrapped in plastic.

Casing: A nice crisp casing resulted after cooking at home in my microwave.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: DRY. Bits of rice with some body and plenty of meat in various sizes and grinds (all relatively small though). Green onion flecks can be found throughout and even the odd 3 inch section of green onion might appear.

Spice: Medium/Hot

Overall Flavor: Interesting . . . . All the flavors certainly blend together nicely, and there is a touch of liver flavor, but the essence of the link lacks a certain freshness.

Comments: So, I had to get these links cold and heat them myself. Not ideal. They tell me that they “usually” have links, warm and ready to go, at the deli section of the store, but sometimes not on Friday. WHAT? That isn’t the way we do it in Acadiana folks. Either have it or don’t have it, but don’t play games with our boudin.



Reviewed July 2009