The Boudin King in Jennings, LA = B Rated Boudin

When you call yourself the “Boudin King” and you live in a place once deemed the “Boudin Capital of the Universe” . . . . . . . well, it better be good.


The late, great, Ellis Cormiere, AKA the “Boudin King.” Better to be called the “Boudin King” than “Boudin Boy.”


Ambiance: A nice casual restaurant in a residential part of Jennings, about 2 miles from the Interstate. It seems to be as much an homage to the founder’s hunting and fishing prowess as it is a serviceable Cajun eatery. The founder of the place died a famous hunter, renowned for this skills in the woods, but died a bigger businessman as he owned large warehouses from which people used to¬†purchase firearms & tactical equipment . The restaurant has stuffed fish, fowl, and even an alligator and an otter. Nice people behind the counter and lots of local Jennings folk stopping in for a bite to eat.Jennings_BoudinKing8

Location: 906 West Division, Jennings, LA 70546



Price: $3.39 lb.

Presentation: There are two steamers each holding large quantities of spicy or mild boudin. Upon ordering, the extra long links will be yanked from the steamer and weighed.

Casing: Not easily breached.

Meat/Rice Ratio: LOTS more rice than meat.

Texture: Creamy. Mashed rice, and rice bits, and even al dente rice. It is all in there. There’s meat too . . . . somewhere. Flecks of parsley appear as does the odd piece of green onion.

Spice: Mild is MILD. . . . Spicy is, medium.

Overall Flavor: I’m going to call this a beginner’s link. It is a mild and simple approach to the link. Some might call it bland. My 4 year old calls it “mmmmm mmmmmmm good.” Nothing wrong with that.

Comments: Here’s what most people who know the Boudin King tell me. They say, “things have gone downhill in the past number of years . . . . seems they’ve fiddled with the recipe to try and make more money.” While I can’t speak to that, I do know that the boudin I ate at the Boudin King falls a little short. On the other hand, in the 30 minutes I sat in the restaurant, I must have seen over a hundred pounds of boudin wrapped and sent packing with customers (some even buying it frozen for the road to Arkansas!). So, they’re doing something right!

Jennings_BoudinKing5 Jennings_BoudinKing4



Reviewed November 2009