Websters Meat Market in Cecelia, LA = B+ Rated Boudin


Location: 2685 Grand Point Hwy, Cecilia, LAwebsters_inside

Ambiance: An old dance hall now serves as one of the finest meat markets in the area. Imagine that. It has a real authentic feel, and they’ll cut your meat however you like. Grab a bottle of home made chow chow before you hit the register.



Price: $3 per pound

Presentation: Wrapped in foil.

Casing: Flexible

Texture : A dry and pasty mixture of sticky rice. You’ll probably want a little something to drink on the side, both to cool the heat and to help with your chewing. Almost no onions or other greens: Just a few specks here and there.

Rice/Meat: More rice than meat. It might not be a stretch to say %65 rice.

Spice: Hot. Real hot.

Taste: This link can best be classified as tasty rice and liver and pork. The flavor is enhanced with the use of plenty of cayenne.

Comments: This is a picturesque location in a building that used to serve as an old dance hall, “back in the day.” They are absolutely famous for their Sunday BBQ dinners and, from what we hear, you better call ahead or get there before 11:00. They serve 500 dinners each Sunday and they’re all cooked the “old fashioned way” using generation’s old recipes and plenty of spice. The boudin may not be made consistently the same way from day to day. One one stop it was far too ricey for our tastes, but on a second visit it was a pretty darned good link. Pop in and sample the link for yourself then let the linksters know how you liked it.


Mrs. Huval is an owner and hands-on operator of Websters. Ask for her by name.



Reviewed October 2006