Babineaux’s Slaughter House in Breaux Bridge, LA


An old-school slaughter house.


Boudin Blanc and Boudin Rouge from Babineaux’s in Breaux Bridge.

Ambiance: This is an old school slaughter house. They’ll do custom slaughter and deer processing (among other things). The Babineauxs are hard workers and this is their no frills place of business. You’re not going to find a rack of Cajun spices and a cooler full of energy drinks here, but you will find an authentic experience and one that is like taking a step back in time.

Location: 1019 Babineaux Road, Breaux Bridge, LA‎



Price: 3.29 lb.

Presentation: One of the Babineaux’s will take your link from the rudimentary warming area, cut it in half, and wrap it for you.

Casing: The casing is tight and crisp. Perfect for eating and perfect for squeezing.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: Texturally the links are very nice. They are both moist, but not loose. The Boudin Rouge is denser in both texture and taste.

Spice: Mild/Medium

Overall Flavor:

Boudin Rouge = Hearty, dense, complex and earthy. Many are put off by the blood component, but you can be assured that the flavor here is not off-putting. It is, in fact, satisfying on a deeper level. A more basic level? Generations ago this is what boudin was all about and you can only come to appreciate this by eating a link.

Boudin Blanc = A little fatty and really rich in taste. There are a combination of spices and meat flavors that are reminiscent of days gone past.. This recipe, like the Boudin Rouge recipe, is one that has been passed down from generation to generation and it embodies the very foundations of boudin making in Acadiana. Try it.


Comments: A word on blood boudin. Many believe that it is illegal to make and sell blood boudin. It is NOT. Health regulations do prevent the transporting and re-sale of fresh pig blood, but since Babineauxs is a slaughter house, they have a ready supply of the swine’s life liquid and they are fully authorized to continue making their blood boudin.


Yes, a bucolic setting.


This is the boudin and cracklin prep area. The boudin is hidden in the metal pan with the lid on it.

Reviewed June 2010