Big John’s in Marksville, LA = B+ Rated Boudin

Ambiance and Location: Just outside of Marksville you’ll find Big John’s Meats sitting pretty much alone on Hwy 1 and almost smack in the middle of the state.  This is beautiful territory with a storied past. —- We’re not sure just how “big” John might be, but his meat shop is fairly small though certainly well stocked with fresh cuts, sausage, roasts, boudin, and more (plenty of sliced american cheese in the refrigerator case too!).  611 Hwy 1, Marksville, LA71351

Big John 03

Super crisp skin and a good flavor await you with a link from Big John’s.


Did someone say Chicken?  This is a tasty link but there’s the unmistakable tang of poultry.  Yes, it’s a pork boudin, and a pretty darn good one at that, but our sophisticated pallets discern the conspicuous flavor of chicken broth.  Hey, we like chicken broth as much as the next guy and we can even appreciate utilizing it for a little flavor punch, but we prefer that our pork boudin not be chickeny.

Big John 04

A tasty, if ricey, link of boudin from Big John’s outside of Marksville.

So, that underlying chicken flavor aside, this is a nice link.  The casing is super thin and crispy, there’s plenty of meat (though it tends toward the ricey side) and it has a wonderful rich depth of flavor from the meat and the liver.  It is super mild with little discernible heat, but the seasoning is otherwise good.  Big John’s opened in June of 2016 and the family spent a good bit of time testing and tinkering with their recipe to get their boudin to where they wanted it.  They did a good job and we heartily suggest you make your way out to this beautiful part of Louisiana to give their link a try.

Marksville Louisiana Boudin

Boudin right in the middle of the state at Big John’s Meats.

Big John01


– Reviewed November of 2016