Boudin By Jamison & Specialties = A+ Boudin in Belle Chasse, LA

This is some WOW BOUDIN!


Location/Contact: A home cook selling boudin at local farmer’s markets and by special order in and around Belle Chasse, Louisiana.  Contact him though his FB page:


So, for the last two years (2017 and 2018) this home chef out of Belle Chasse stunned everyone at the annual Boudin Cook-Off in Lafayette (Louisiana’s Premiere Boudin Event) by taking home the coveted people’s choice award.  Was the fist year a fluke?  No, it was not.  Was the second year a statement?  Yes, it was.  This is some shockingly good boudin.  If you love good food you should order some ASAP.  Really, that’s all that needs to be said.

The link is wet, juicy, and loosely packed. There’s a lot of meat and the rice is a secondary player.  We are struck by the copious amounts of fresh green onion: soooooooo good.  That’s probably one of the defining features of the link, but there’s a lot more to it than just green onion and meat.  The flavor profile is one of the most complex we’ve come across.  It’s rich, sophisticated even, and one bite truly ensures another.  There seems to be a variety of peppers in the mix as there’s both green and red pieces here and there.  There’s a medium heat that actually warms your entire palate.

It must take a lot of attention to detail to keep a refined link of boudin like Jamison’s consistent from batch to batch.  Back-to-back People’s Choice Awards is all the proof you need that he’s devoting that requisite attention to each and every batch.  Get some soon!!!!



Does Jamison look serious about making boudin?  He most definitely is!!!!


Reviewed December 2018