Boxing Room in San Francisco, CA = C+ Rated Boudin Ball

THE BOUDIN BALLS Boxing Room Boudin_2

The Boudin Ball appetizer at the Boxing Room Restaurant in San Francisco, CA was the only place we could find any boudin in that entire vibrant city.  They put out a fair attempt at Louisiana’s extraordinary sausage, but it falls a bit short.  When the “Crispy Boudin Balls” arrive they are smaller than golf balls and look kind of doughnuty (or like zeppole).  But, alas, the thin and super crispy exterior coating easily breaks away to reveal a rice-laden interior that is speckled with ground meats and a few seasonings.  In terms of both heat and porcine power these little balls make for a mild appetizer.  The serving of Creole Mustard is a nice addition and certainly adds a little of that extra flavor you might crave, but a Cajun Country/ Louisianaesque experience this is not.

Boxing Room Boudin_4

The medium sized appetizer of Zeppole-like Crispy Boudin Balls will set you back $7.

Boxing Room Boudin_1

Location: 399 Grove Street at the South East corner of Grove and Gough Streets, San Francisco, CA. 

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Reviewed: June 2013