Bonin’s Meat Market in Jennings, LA = C Rated Boudin


8 years and going strong.  Bonin_Boudin_4 

Ambiance: A small steel building in the heart of Jennings. Bonin’s is fairly sparse when it comes to services and products, but they have a loyal customer base and the place is spick-n-span.

Location: 209 South Lake Arthur Avenue • Jennings, LA 70546 – 337-824-1300


Bonin’s in Jennings produces a serviceable link.


Price: $3.25 per link.

Presentation: There is a large warmer on the front counter and it is full of hot links waiting to be snatched and wrapped.

Casing: The casing is thick and takes a little work to get through.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Significantly more rice than meat; You’re in rice country after all.

Texture: Super dry and starchy. The rice is overwhelming here and comes both “al dente” and in various sizes after having been ground. The meat is pulverized and plays a minor role to the rice. Hard to find any greens.

Spice: Mild

Overall Flavor: The predominance of the rice goes on to define the flavor of this link. And, as one might expect with that much rice, it has a fairly bland flavor. Unfortunately, it also tastes less-than fresh.

Comments: There are a couple of worthy stops for boudin in Jennings (Cormier’s and the Boudin King) and, while this one is not our favorite, in the interests of broadening one’s boudin experiences, it is worth a try. Oh, and we know that there was a famous place in New Iberia called Bonin’s (which is now closed) but we don’t think there is any connection between these two Bonin’s.



Bonin’s is s full service butcher making sausages, specialty cuts, and processing deer during hunting season.


Reviewed July 2011