Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA = C+ Rated Boudin Sandwich


The boudin in this sort of Cajun Eggs Benedict comes from Charlie-T’s Specialty Meats in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana



Ambiance: The place has plenty of ambiance and downtown Breaux Bridge is a great spot with old Louisiana charm. The restaurant is housed in a 120 year old former general merchandise/women’s clothing store. They have great art on the walls from local artists, the original wood floors, and a nice little bar. CDA has a good reputation as a dinner spot and the dinner menu truly looks tantalizing. I won’t let the boudin patty stop me from giving them a try for dinner some time.


Location: 140 East Bridge St., Breaux Bridge, LA 70517


This is the boudin patty; limited culinary creativity at work.

Uninspired. I’ve heard from several people how great the boudin patty at Café Des Amis compliments their dish Eggs Des Amis; a take on Eggs Benedict. In this case a biscuit is topped with the boudin patty, some shredded Swiss cheese, and two fried eggs (you can actually get the eggs any way you‘d like). Sounds good, huh? It’s okay, but not great. The biscuit is dry and the boudin patty sounds better and more unique than it really is. They’re not making their own boudin at Café Des Amis (too much trouble?). Instead, they use a top rated link from just down the street at Charlie T’s Specialty Meats. Charlie T’s makes a great link of boudin; that cannot be disputed. However, the patty at CDA isn’t crisp and wasn’t particularly hot. It is a meaty boudin with large pieces of crisp green onion and not too much spice. But it isn’t a very complex link of boudin and that is where, in part, the dish fails to shine. A little more crunch on the outside and a little less mushy texture would sure help too. Just to be sure, we ordered a stand alone boudin patty (you can get it as a side instead of bacon or regular breakfast sausage). Same thing; a good meaty boudin which is great as a link, but just sort of ho-hum here.

Reviewed November 2009