Chef Roland’s Cajun Cuisine in Boise, ID = C Rated Boudin

NO LONGER OPENRolands1Ambiance: You have to give it up for a displaced Cajun who strikes out into Idaho’s Treasure Valley to bring Cajun food to the West. The day this reviewer showed up the restaurant was in a bit of a tizzy. They were having staffing problems and had to decide if they would even let me in the door. Thankfully, they did let me in and agreed to provide me with a to-go order. But they did not have any “links” so I had to settle for boudin balls (poor me). This restaurant is clearly a labor of love. Chef Roland is from Lake Charles and started out serving Cajun food from a mobile cart. Now he has a full fledged restaurant. I hope he is there for years to come.

Location: 1221 W Boise Avenue, Boise, ID  == FORMER LOCATION – NO LONGER OPEN!!!!



Price: Dinner pictured above = $13.99

Presentation: Nicely packaged. Everything stayed in the right tray. Not sure if the lettuce is for salad or just garnish (no dressing provided).

Casing: These are boudin balls with a fantastically thin and crisp shell surrounding spheres of boudin as big as your fist.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat. Lots of rice that is finely minced and ground.

Spice: Mild

Texture: The boudin balls were cooked perfectly. Since they are HUGE, I feared that the middle might be cold, but they were hot through and through. The texture of the filling was slightly moist, thick, and dense. There were only minute bits of veggies, but they included red pepper and green onion.


Overall Flavor: It could have been more flavorful. There was little pork flavor. The entire boudin ball melds together with the crispy outer skin being the saving grace.

Comments: This reviewer was given a choice of jambalaya or gumbo as a side. I chose the jambalaya. I’m not sure if I was given the gumbo or if they have a unique way of making jambalaya. It seemed to be neither, but since it was soupy . . . . I’m guessing that it was the gumbo. Anyway, it is best described as a sort of spicy thick minestrone with rice, ground meatballs, and chunks of white meat chicken. Since it was a to-go order I could not ask for clarification.


I ordered the Jambalaya, but I’m not sure they didn’t give me the gumbo. ??? Either way, it was really tasty stuff.


Check here for a story on the unexpected passing of Chef Roland.

Reviewed August 2008