Corte’s Food Center in Melville, LA = C Rated Boudin

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Ambiance: Ah, Melville . . . . what a wonderful little town in the hinterland. Be sure to take the ferry ride across the Atchafalaya River. From the outside Corte’s looks rather rudimentary, but inside it is a nice, bright, and clean establishment with cool stained concrete floors and well stocked shelves. Be sure to check out their historic photos from the famous 1927 Flood. The whole town was inundated.


Location: 206 Lyons Street, Melville, LA

The Boudin


Price: $3.99 lb.

Presentation: From the back of the deli comes your link. How is it prepared? Who knows? But, it is wrapped in wax paper and then plastic wrap before being placed in a white paper bag.

Casing: Amazingly it is both brittle AND tough.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Significantly more rice than meat.


Texture: D – R – Y! Each pellet of rice is a nearly perfect half of a grain and the meat pounded out, ground, and reground to the point that it is almost imperceptible. In fact the strands of meat that form when you pull the link apart almost look like tiny and thin hairs. Oh, and the rice isn’t fully cooked either.

Spice: Medium/Mild

Overall Flavor: S-A-L-T-Y. With a dry texture and not much meat, this link is already on a bit of a downward spiral. It has a bit of a liver taste, but it is the play dough type texture that is too much much to overcome. There is hope here. With a few slight adjustments and more meat this link could be salvaged.

Comments: The good news is that the rice dressing and the fruit salad we ordered from the deli were absolutely fantastic. Worth the drive.


Reviewed December 2009