D & J’s Grocery in Gonzales, LA = C- Rated Boudin


Ambiance: A well seasoned store staffed by hard working people with an eye toward customer service. You can see the white roaster on top of the ice cream case. That’s where you’ll get your pre-wrapped link. Tip your hat to the lady behind the counter and she might throw in a free bag of peanuts.


Location: 42341 Black Bayou Rd., Gonzales, LA


This link looks surprisingly uunlink-like. Let’s check out the innards.


Price: $3.99 lb.

Presentation: In a large white roaster, pre-wrapped in foil.

Casing: A rubbery casing that the casing eaters in your group will not love.

Meat/Rice Ratio: It is “meaty” but the ratio favors the rice.

Texture: Both large pieces and small pieces of rice and meat exemplify this link. It is bit chewy and a bit gritty.

Spices: Medium/Hot

Overall Flavor: The reddish nature of the meat in this link points toward a heavy liver content and the the flavor does not disappoint. Liver is a major player here, from the aroma to the taste.

Comments: They make a 100 lb batch each week and wrap and freeze it for an as-needed use.


Well, these innards look surprisingly innard-like. That’s mostly rice, with some curiously red pork sprinkled about.

Reviewed January 2008