Holmes’ Cajun Style Boudin = C Rated Boudin




Price: .99 for 12oz. (on sale)

Presentation: Shrink wrapped in an industrial strength capacity. Found in the meat/sausage case.

Casing: Crisp after cooking.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat (it is marketed as a “rice and pork” product).

Texture: Pasty, undercooked rice forms a dense mass with tiny bits of meat throughout. Noticeable gristle and even a hard chunk of something: Perhaps bone. Both red flecks (pepper?) and green flecks (parsley?) add color and flavor.

Spices: Bland

Overall Taste: Rather tasty, except for the gristle and the bone and the texture leaves a lot to be desired. However, the overall taste is not bad.

Comments: It seems that boudin must be a diversion for this company (the boudin isn’t even on their website). They tout products that are “smoked to perfection” and this seems to be neither of those. Perhaps they are filling a need in Texas. ? Their motto is “You can’t make a good sausage cheap, and you cant make a cheap sausage good!” Perhaps they could do a better job and I suspect that their smoked products are, in fact, superior.