Lagneaux’s Meat Market in Lafayette, LA = C- Rated Boudin

Lagsoutside Location: 445 Ridge Road, Lafayette, LA 70506

Ambiance: An interesting place on a well-traveled road. Not only does Lagneaux’s have a meat market, but it also has a seafood market and a full restaurant. In fact, Lagneaux’s is famous for their seafood buffet and market themselves as the “King of Seafood.” The meat market sells a selection of home smoked sausages and meats, as well as a small variety of grocery items, liquor, and extremely large pots and pans.They will also process your wild game, though they clearly state that they will not butcher wild hogs. For that service you’ll have to go elsewhere.



Price: $2.49 lb hot/$2.09 lb cold

Presentation: Double wrapped in thick pieces of white butcher paper.

Casing: Rubbery and thick.

Rice/Meat Ratio: An equal amount of rice and meat.


Texture: It possesses a mushy meaty texture with visible and crisp-to-the-bite green onion noticeable through the whitish casing. The meat is of the milled variety.

Spices: Very mild. On the brink of lacking any spiciness.

Overall Taste: An unambiguous sweet taste to the product. Not particularly pleasing to the pallet. This link may lack much liver and the meat possesses a certain processed characteristic. It has a pinkish color to it causing the uneven pieces of rice to stand out amidst the filling.

Comments: Some people swear by the King of Seafood’s buffet: Others do not. Some will like this boudin: Others will not. I have been told that the best way to eat Lagneaux’s boudin is to buy it uncooked and then grill it to perfection on your own pit.


Reviewed on 2/26/04