PETO’S Meat Market in Moss Bluff, LA = C+ Rated Boudin


It isn’t pretty (at all)! Yuck or Yum? An unfortunately shaped and colored link of smoked boudin from Peto’s in Moss Bluff, Louisiana. It also spent too long in the smoker and came out with a bitter and too smoky flavor.

Ambiance: A combo gas station, meat market, and deli/restaurant each in separate, but connected, parts of the same Conoco building. Mixing of fuel and food is too frequent these days.

Location: 104 Bruce Cir, Moss Bluff, LA.


The interior is an amalgam of rice, smoke, meat, paprika and other spices.


Price: $3.99 lb for regular boudin and $6.99 lb for smoked boudin.

Presentation: Grabbed with waxed paper then wrapped in butcher paper and placed in a plastic bag to take away or sit down at a table in the next room.

Casing: A thin and breakable casing.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More rice than meat (though there is plenty of meat).

Texture: Mildly moist with ground and pulverized rice shards.

Spice: Medium is mild and the Hot is HOT!!!!


This is the link of “medium” boudin. Looks like it has been manhandled a bit.


This is the link of “hot” boudin glistening on the butcher paper.

Overall Flavor: Paprika is a frequently overused seasoning in Lake Charles area boudin. Here too they liberally include this vibrant red seasoning in the recipe. It adds a strong flavor of something that is only supposed to be in the background and it pulls away from the pork flavors. The smoked boudin was both expensive (at $4.99 lb) and a big miss with an over-smoked bitterness.

Comments: Peto’s is making a fair attempt here and they’re worth a try to sample a link of boudin that speaks to the tastes of folks from this region of Louisiana. The place was busy, so it is clear that people are liking these links.  There are better links to be found though; even in Lake Charles.Petos_Moss_Bluff4


With lots of pickled jalapenos and cheese (not totally melted American cheese that is), there may be too much going on inside this boudin ball. The coating includes both crunchy and chewy components. We’d give the whole thing a C+.


Lots of fresh cutting is going on behind the counter and it looks like they’re making some tasty meats.


Reviewed October 2010