Ray’s Recipe @ Billy’s Boudin and Cracklin in Opelousas, LA = C+ Rated Boudin


Location: 904 Short Vine, Opelousas, LA 70570Billysinside

Ambiance: A steel building close to Interstate 49. Their primary product is boudin (Billy’s Boudin and Ray’s Boudin). They do sell snacks, drinks, cracklin, some smoked sausage and a few other things, but boudin is really what this place is all about. A sparsely decorated interior is befitting of the inner-small town setting. They are no-nonsense group and you’ll have to wait in line for a bit as this is a very popular place to stop for a link or two.



Cost: $3.29 lb in 2005/$4.69 in 2014

Presentation: Cut up in pieces, placed in a paper boat along with some saltine crackers, and then into a white paper bag, stapled closed with some napkins tucked in the fold. Very nice.

Casing: Rubbery and a little on the tough side.

Rice/Meat Ratio: More rice than meat . . . . . . . . . appreciably less meat.

Texture: Almost desiccated. A paste-like consistency mashed into the casing. Easily moldable.

Spices: Mild (this is particularly unexpected because the boudin is touted as “Ray’s: A Legend In Hot Boudin.”)

Overall Taste: A very light “boudin” flavor is replaced with a stronger liver taste. The whitish color belies a heavy amount of rice which pulls some of the flavor away from link. Barely noticeable pieces of green onion provide small amounts of flavor.

Comments: Here is what you need to know: Some years back Ray sold his business to Billy. Now Billy makes two boudin recipies: Ray’s Boudin and Billy’s Boudin a (SEE REVIEW). In order to further confuse things, Ray (the original) has re-entered the boudin business and is, once again, selling Ray’s “Original” boudin at another location (SEE UPCOMING REVIEW). There is, from the looks of it, a veritable “Boudin War” going on in Opelousas. Don’t get caught in the crossfire, but do eat the boudin.


Billy’s famous drive-through boudin window!

Reviewed on 2/12/05