Cajun Market Meats in Youngsville = A- Rated Boudin

This place is amazing!!!  There’s just soooooo much food

Check Out that Link!

Check Out that Link!

Location: 2810 Chemin Metairie Pkwy, Youngsville, LA 70592, (337) 451-5919

Ambiance: A brand new store smack in the middle of all the development and expansion in and around Youngsville.  You’ll be amazed by the vast array of high quality meats they’ve prepared, vacuum packed, and put in the freezer for you to enjoy.  Of course there’s also an extensive fresh meat case too. So much to choose from.

A huge array of great prepared Cajun meats.

A huge array of great prepared Cajun meats (and Slim Jims too).


The link at Cajun Market Meats will come piping hot from a warmer filled to the brim with boudin.  You’ll have a choice of boudin balls, egg rolls, and more – but our focus was the traditional link.  It’s delicious: chunky and packed with meat.  Really the whole thing is on point if a tad dry.  No matter though, we’ll be back for sure.  The seasoning is perfect with a mild heat component that brings a satisfying warmth to every mouthful.  The skin is crisp and the whole link is densely packed.  This is a great link and it is a testament to the strength of the local boudin scene that a new player can enter the market with such pizzazz.



Reviewed – October 2017