Cajun Pete’s in Dehnam Spring = A- Rated Boudin



Ambiance: Hmmmm. The interior ambiance is pleasant and soothing with an inviting openness and a cozy seating area. The outdoor ambiance leaves something to be desired. It is a nice building, but it has a power pole and transformer right in front of it and there is some chlorine gas equipment next to the parking lot. The Interstate Highway is directly out back.

Location: 8394 Rushing Road E., Denham Springs, Louisiana.



Price: $3.79 lb

Presentation: The venerable butcher paper.

Casing: Crisp and thin after having been microwaved at the store.

Meat/Rice Ratio: More meat than rice.

Texture: A wonderful combination of moistness and juice. Not too wet and not at all dry. It is the ideal that many strive for.

Spices: Medium heat that will warm your mouth.

Overall Flavor: The tiny bits of rice enhance the overall flavor of this wonderful link. It has a distinctively decadent taste which is enhanced with just the right amount of onion and just the right amount of pepper.

Comments: Do not leave without sampling the smoked pork: WOW! While the physical location of Cajun Pete’s is less-than, the fact that this place is located very close to a humongous Bass Pro Shop with a lake and restaurant attached, is a big plus. You can make a day of it by going to the outdoor store and then make sure to stop at Cajun Pete’s for lunch and for some food to bring home with you. There are several fast-food chains just down the street and while they suck some of the culinary life from the area, Cajun Pete’s is doing a fine job of offering some real food for real people (as opposed to those who swear by the corporately concocted stuff).


Smoked pieces of porky heaven are being sliced and sold by the pound. Not too expensive either.



These tender and juicy chunks of smoke pork will knock your socks off your feet.

Cajun_Pete1 Cajun_Pete5

Reviewed February 2008