Cauliflower Boudin, Yep! Graded A

T-Boy’s Slaughter House in Eunice and Ville Platte ventured into unknown territory to return with a real treasure.  Purists will snub this Ultra Low Carb Link, but T-Boy isn’t trying to change what everyone loves about boudin.  Heck, the boudin, cracklin, and specialty meats T-Boy’s been making for a generation are the very epitome of pure tradition.  With this recipe he saw an option to provide a boudin alternative to those wanting or needing to reduce their carbs.  How’d he do?

cauliflower boudin

T-Boy’s Slaughter House has made cauliflower boudin.

 Boudin Alternative?

Is it a “boudin alternative” or is it just “boudin?”  Riced cauliflower replaces the rice in this ultra meaty link.  We think you’d be hard pressed to even know there is cauliflower in here.  You certainly won’t easily spot it.  Some traditional links also have their rice pulverized beyond discernment.  Is cauliflower too distinct or overpowering a flavor?  Not at all.  Cauliflower, like rice, is pretty bland stuff.  If anything, I’d hoped for a little more cauliflower or cauliflower taste.  The point is: you don’t know it’s there unless you know it’s there.  Looking past the novelty of the cauliflower what you’ll find is a meat dense link full of all the actual flavors that give boudin its porky unctious punch.  There’s just enough of heat and the overall flavor is satisfying in all the right ways.

We say: If you can’t sacrifice your carbs on a link of traditional boudin then T-Boy’s Cauliflower Boudin is an “A” Rated alternative.  In fact, cauliflower or not, it is an “A” Rated link.
Cauliflower Boudin features plenty of pork.

Cauliflower Boudin features plenty of pork.

Where? T-Boy’s Slaughter House,  2228 Pine Point Rd, Ville Platte, LA 70586, (337) 468-3333