Champagnes Marche in Leonville = A Rated Boudin


Smooth and delicious links at Champagne’s Marché in Leonville.

Location: 3802 Hwy 31, Leonville, LA 70570 –


Ambiance: This is a classic small town, independent, grocery store serving the shopping needs of people near and far with a wide selection of grocery items and a huge selection of specialty meat items crafted under the loving care of the owners and their butchers.  Champagnes’s Marché also has an outstanding bakery where they produce one Acadiana’s premiere King Cakes.  Leonville is a lovely rural Louisiana town with a lot of charm.  The drive to the country is certainly pleasant and the rewards at Champagne’s are worth while.


Two luscious links of boudin from Champagne’s Marché


The sweet porky goodness of this link cannot be overstated.  Head to the back of the store and make your way to the meat counter where they’ll hook you up with some of the best boudin you can find.  The links at Champagne’s Marché follow a well tested and generation’s old recipe.  They’re a perfect balance of rice, meat, and seasoning along with peppers and onions.  The rice is cooked perfectly and has absorbed a ton of flavor from the meat mixture.  With just the right amount of juice and heat, the link is not moist nor dry, but rather a wonderful loosely stuffed link of goodness.  We’d happily drive miles out of our way for this link, and the other specialty meats and sausages available make it an even more worthwhile trip.  So, bring an ice chest and fill up on all the hand crafted products in Leonville.

A note to the wise:  They make an excellent stuffed pork roast that is partially smoked, won first place at the Boudin Cook-Off for their signature Boudin Nuggets, and have racked up numerous accolades for their King Cakes (available during Mardi Gras season).  Oh, and they make a killer smoked boudin burger too!  So, yeah, there’s a lot going on out there in Leonville.  Check them out.

Champagnes King Cake_2


The delicious stuffed King Cake and the innovative Boudin Nuggets!


There is no finer way to have a link of boudin served than right from the steamer at the back of Champagne’s Marché.



Overall Rating = A

Reviewed – October 2016