Charlie T’s in Breaux Bridge, LA = A Rated Boudin


Charlie-T’s in Breaux Bridge

Location: 530 Berard Street, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517


A steaming pot of Charlie-T’s hot boudin.


The man behind Charlie-T’s (his name is not Charlie!)

Ambiance: A tiny specialty meat shop selling a variety of Cajun spices and BBQ sauces to accompany their fresh meat creations. It is in the middle of Breaux Bridge, necessitating a pleasant drive through the historic downtown. With hot boudin balls, cracklins, and sausages under their heat lamp, the smells wafting through this little red store are intoxicating and the sound of the band-saw cutting through pork bones is music to a BBQ aficionado’s ears.



Cost: $4.19 lb in 2012 – ($3.19 lb in 2004)

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of butcher paper and placed in a paper bag by the no-nonsense clerk.

Casing: A supple casing with a little too much “give.”

Rice/Meat Ratio: An ideal coupling of rice and meat. Perhaps a smidgen more meat than rice.

Texture: Moist and juicy with meaty bits of pork and pork fat. The loose and somewhat greasy filling easily slides out of the casing when pinched between one’s fingers. Lots of crisp-to-the-bite green onion.


Now that’s a tasty link.

Spices: Mild.

Overall Taste: A mouth-watering link. There is more green onion than in other links and the noticeable onion flavor and texture enhance the boudin. The rice is cooked to perfection and the boudin is steaming hot from the cooker. Although it leans toward the mild side, it has a touch of black pepper that pulls all the flavors together nicely. We’ve come to understand that Charlie uses a more costly blend of white pepper to achieve his smooth flavfgored link.

Comments: The link is on the small side (a good thing). Our recommendation is to make this a “must eat” stop when you venture out for boudin. Purchase a couple of links and head to the historic downtown, sit on a bench on main street, enjoy the atmosphere of the town, and relish an idyllic link of boudin.


Poor piggy.



Homemade chili. Yum.


An older picture of Charlie-T’s with a flat roof.

Reviewed: October 1, 2004 and June 2012