Chez Monieux in Tempe, AZ = C Rated Boudin Balls

CLOSED !!!!!


Ambiance: More of a bar than a restaurant, this place is tucked into the back of a strip mall where it can easily be overlooked. The lunch crowd was non existent, but the after-work crowd may be more prevalent. Nice folks who should be commended for bringing some Cajun cooking to the Valley of the Sun.

Location: 5004 South Price Rd. Tempe, AZ 85282 CLOSED.



Rice balls!


Price: $5.95 for a basket of “boudin” balls.

Presentation: Perfect spheres of corn meal encased “boudin” served with a flavorful and delicious tartar sauce.

Casing: These fried boudin balls have a thin and crispy cornmeal coating.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Meat? Uh, well, . . . . .there really isn’t any meat to speak of. A few tiny bits, but the boudin balls are about 98.7% rice.

Texture: The rice is well cooked and the boudin ball is well fried ["fried up propper" (sic)], but the texture is only that of moderately moist rice.


Did they really give us tartar sauce with our boudin balls? Yes, yes they did!

Spice: Zero.

Overall Flavor: Did I mention that there is virtually no meat and that the ball is almost entirely made of rice? Rice alone tends to be bland.

Comments: The claim is that this is the best and most authentic New Orleans style Cajun food in the Phoenix Valley. The question is . . . . . why not just have the most authentic Cajun Cajun food? Anyway, if you’re looking for a good fried rice ball this is the place. Note on the the name being pronounced “Shame on You.” That’s funny (I suppose).


The gumbo was darn good!!!!