Crawfish Boudin Compendium (Best Crawfish Boudin in Louisiana)

When it is Lent in South Louisiana that means a time to replace the amount of pork boudin consumed with some crawfish or seafood boudin. Some places, like NuNu’s, only make the crawfish variety at Lent and at other places you can get it year round. Still, not everyone makes crawfish boudin and it is little tricky to get the right flavor profile. You’re looking for a “crawfish”–but not a “crawfishy”–flavor. In each of the assessments below we took the time to dissect one whole link, search out the number of whole crawfish tails, and document them. Many of the links include pulverized crawfish meat, but for a lot of folks, if they are eating crawfish boudin, they want to have some solid crawfish meat as part of the experience.

Bourque’s Super Store, Crawfish Boudin, Port Barre, LA


Bourques Crawfish Boudin1

A couple of links of Bourque’s world famous crawfish boudin.

Assessment:  These links are a bit too dry and the rice is a bit undercooked.  There is a clear crawfish flavor and the house even smelled like we’d had a mini crawfish boil after I heated these up.

Bourques Crawfish Boudin2

To be fair, there were a lot more tiny pieces of crawfish that had, seemingly, been cut up in the grinder.

Availability:  You can pick up a pack of frozen crawfish boudin links at Bourques’s in Port Barre at: 581 Saizan Ave  Port Barre, LA 70577 — (337) 585-6261 or order them online at


JW’s Quality Meats and Smoke House, Crawfish Boudin, (Breaux Bridge, LA)



At only $5.49 per lb. (which is good for crawfish or seafood boudin) and you get a great product. This link only cost $1.92.

Assessment: As is the case with crawfish boudin, there is always a lot more rice and it is almost always especially moist. This link has a really nice clean flavor and brings a mild heat to the party. Initially it tasted sort of bland, but the relatively large amount of crawfish tails an the use of fresh veggies (you can tell they bell pepper and green onions were fresh) made this a stand-out link of crawfish boudin.


— These were some tasty crawfish tails in this link (and, to be fair, I ate one of the tails before taking the picture). Also, the link was a small sized one so the relative amount of crawfish meat in the casing is really quite impressive.

Availability: Available at JW’s Quality Meats, 544 Latiolais Rd., Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 (on a side street next to Wal-Mart) Phone: 337-442-1784 — Check out the review of JW’s regular boudin HERE.


Le Blanc’s Crawfish Boudin, (From St. Amant, LA)



One of the links had the casing burst before we opened it. Not appetizing.

Assessment: If you’re looking for a link of crawfish boudin that also has PORK in it (!) then this just might be the link you’re looking for. If, on the other hand, you don’t want PORK in your crawfish boudin and if you prefer something less dry and pasty where you can discern the rice from the filling (pork or crawfish), then you should head to another location for your crawfish boudin.


Availability: Found in various grocery stores throughout the region. These links were purchased at the Corner Pantry in Lafayette, LA


We agree: There should be a lot more than four tiny specks of yucky crawfish in your link of “crawfish” boudin.


Comeaux’s Crawfish Boudin



Assessment: This link is creamy and flavorful. The crawfish tails were surprisingly tender and juicy. The filling did, however, suffer from a certain pasty quality.


Here we have thirteen crawfish tails from one link. A decent showing.

Availability: Found in various grocery stores throughout the region and available online.

Com_Crawfish_Boudin4 Com_Crawfish_Boudin2

Charlie -T’s Seafood Boudin



Check it out. A total of 12 pieces of seafood. That’s four tiny crawfish tails and eight little pieces of shrimp (not whole shrimp). [The little bitty shreds of shrimp in the picture were not counted.]

Assessment: This link of seafood boudin has a heavy tomato taste and the distinct lack of actual seafood is a bit of a bummer. It is rice-heavy and dense.

Availability: Buy it at Charlie T’s Specialty Meats, 530 Berard Street, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517



You can also find the review of Charlie-T’s regular boudin. Or, you can check out how Charlie-T’s boudin is being used at Cafe Des Ami.

Tony Chachere’s Crawfish Boudin


TonysCrawfishBoudin1Assessment: The interior of this chubby link is on the dry side and the full-grained rice mixture is surrounded by an orangish glint. Seems that there may also be particles of ground crawfish in the link, but that is hard to tell. The crawfish tails themselves are few and far between. They are also tiny tiny tiny, and not particularly tender.




The entire link had only these 10 crawfish and they had the consistency of something that had been re-hydrated.

Availability: Online and in grocery stores throughout the region.  Tonyscrawfishboudin5

NuNu’s Crawfish Boudin



Assessment: The best crawfish boudin we’ve found. The buttery filling is chock full of real Louisiana crawfish. It is full flavored, possesses a delightful etouffeeish aroma, and provides a satisfying and unique culinary treat.


A staggering TWENTY-FIVE decent sized crawfish from one 1/3 lb link. The link is about the same size as the others, but it has TWICE as much crawfish!!

You can also check out the review of NuNu’s regular boudin as served at their Fresh Market location and at the location in Milton.

Availability: Available at NuNu’s Fresh Market, 509 Lafayette Street, Youngsville, LA 70592-5409


Baudin’s Crawfish Boudin


Assessment: The aroma of a plate of boiled crawfish will envelop your olfactory senses. Embrace it. There are woefully few whole crawfish tails in this link, but you can find the ground meat and there is no denying the bold and HOT punch of crawtastic mudbuggery that awaits.


An unimpressive three pieces of crawfish. Only one of the three is a whole tail.

Availability: Available in a limited number of regional grocery stores, particularly in the area around St. Martinville.

Baudin_Crawfish_Pic2 Baudin_Crawfish_Pic3 Baudin_Crawfish_Pic4 Baudin_Crawfish_Pic1

Poche’s Crawfish Boudin



Assessment: This link is pale and filled with an overly mushy and pasty rice mixture. It tastes good and the heat builds after a few bites. It seems that there must be ground crawfish in the link as well as the two pieces of whole crawfish, but it is hard to fully determine. The filling is made from a base of cream of mushroom soup.

Availability: Available at Poche’s, 3015-A Main Hwy, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517and online.


(Photo to Right: That is one mangled crawfish tail, one chunk of a crawfish tail, and one itty bitty portion of a tail.)

Poche_Crawfish_Pic1  Poche_Crawfish_Pic3 Poche_Crawfish_Pic4

Ray’s Grocery: A Legend in Boudin



Assessment: Crawlicious! You’ll pay a premium for this one ($12 per pound) and it doesn’t have the highest tail count, but it is such a wonderfully clean explosion of crawfish goodness that you’ll want to find the resources. Some of the crawfish tails are downright huge and they’re all supple and juicy.

Availability: Available at Ray’s Grocery, 904 Short Vine, Opelousas, LA 70570


16 tasty morsels of crawfish flesh.

Rays_Crawfish1  Rays_Crawfish3

Bayou Boudin and Cracklin



Assessment: A rich seafood and mushroom stock serves as the foundation for the gravy that binds this seafood rich link together. It is earthy and satisfying with plenty of crawfish, shrimp, and crab. We’re not aware of any others offering a link with all three meats, but we’re glad Rocky and Lisa have concocted this delicious blend.

Availability: Available at Bayou Boudin and Cracklin, 100 W. Mills Ave., Breaux Bridge, LA, 70517


Crab! Crawfish! & Shrimp!


A respectable 12 pieces of shrimp and crawfish (and there is also crab in the link).