Crawfish Boudin from Acadiana in Washington D.C.

Acadiana D.C. Crawfish_1Acadiana – A high end “Contemporary Louisiana Fish House” in Washington, D.C. serving a menu inspired by some great Louisiana culinary traditions.

Location: 901 New York Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20001 — Phone 202-408-8848 — Web: Acadiana


Acadiana D.C. Crawfish_2The first thing to know is that the crawfish boudin is not something they usually serve as a stand alone item.  It is an accompaniment to the crispy catfish entree.  However, they were kind enough to bring us one of the mini links they make and they served it with a swipe of red-bean puree (awesome!) and a shrimp cream sauce (delicious).Acadiana D.C. Crawfish_3

It is an interesting little link with no casing to speak of.  Whatever they used for the casing sort of melded into the tiny link.   Breaking it open revealed–low-and-behold–a crawfish tail (one of two) popping out of the spongy, riceless, and sort of shrimpy filling.  To be certain, this is a delightful morsel of food, but it does not strike the pallet as boudin.  Instead, it is a sort of shrimp and crawfish sausage.  There isn’t any identifiable shrimp, but there is a clean shrimp flavor.  The filling is like a tight and encased shrimp mousse.

Acadiana Gas Station Boudin Balls1

Boudin? Not so much. There isn’t any rice and the filling is more shrimp than crawfish. Still, it was delicious!!

Overall Rating = Not Really Boudin But it is Delicious

Reviewed: March 2013