Crispy, Gas Station, Boudin Balls from Acadiana in Washington DC

Overall Rating as a Boudin Ball: “C”
Overall Rating as a Whole Dish: “A”
Acadiana Gas Station Boudin Balls3

Crispy “Gas Station” Pork Boudin Balls – Served with Creole Mustard, Pickled Peppers, and Pepper Jelly — $8 @ Acadiana in Washington, DC

Location: 901 New York Ave. NW, Washington DC, 20001 — Phone 202-408-8848 — Web: Acadiana

Ambiance:  Not too far from the White House in the bustling downtown of our nation’s capital is this homage to the the best of Louisiana.  It is warm and friendly inside where they serve a variety of patrons from those at the bar to those having everything from power lunches and dinners to romantic dates and dinner with the kids.  In the summer they have a huge outdoor patio.  If you’re looking for a taste of Louisiana done in D.C. to “elevated” levels, this is a fun place to eat.

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Acadiana Gas Station Boudin Balls2

These three nuggets of fried boudin are billed as “Gas Station” Boudin Balls.  They are buying in to the false notion that the best boudin in Louisiana comes from gas stations.  This, of course, is not really true, but it makes for a good story and/or image (I guess).  Anyway . . . . . . . if you picked up a bag or box of these (as stand alone boudin balls) from a gas station, meat shop, restaurant, or grocery store in Louisiana you’d be a little disappointed.  The crispy shell is fantastic–thin and brittle and containing a piping hot filling.  The filling however (that is the Boudin!) is one in which the meat has been heavily whipped and spun to the point that it is a creamy (almost smooth) consistency specked with a fair sprinkling of rice.  The filling is grey toned and tastes of liver.  Not a stand out.


If, however, you eat these “Gas Station” boudin balls NOT as you would some you might buy at a gas station, but, instead, as the chef probably intended–with a bit of the creole mustard, a pickled pepper, and some of the pepper jelly in every bite–WELL, now you’ve really got something wonderful!  All the flavors come together and the livery boudin ball is not so overpowering.  Yummy, yummy, stuff.  $8 for three boudin balls?  That’s a whole nother matter, but this isn’t, after all, a gas station!Acadiana Gas Station Boudin Balls4

Reviewed: March 2013