Cajun Hollar Creole Style Boudin = Rated D+


Location: Bought at an HEB in San Antonio.

Ambiance: A gourmet supermarket/grocery store.

THE BOUDIN Creol_Boudin3

Cost: About $3.50 for 12 oz.

Presentation: Found in the “sausage” section of a major grocery store chain: Tightly sealed in a thick vacuumed pack.

Casing: Rubbery and thin.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Meat? I suppose there are tiny bits of meat in here but they are swamped by the rice.

Texture: Kind of pasty with lots of undercooked rice.

Spices: Medium .

Overall Taste: Salty, greasy and lots of parsley. But the defining taste here is a chili and a slight tomato taste. Kind of a “hamburger helper” chili taste. Not strong, but undeniable. Sure there is chicken in here, but it is inconsequential to the link.

Comments: What could we expect? Creole Style boudin? What’s that. Never had it in Louisiana, so why would it be good from Texas? Or anywhere? Creole Style CHICKEN boudin? Huh? And the ingredients include butter and tomato . . . . Huh? True the addition of tomato would lean in the direction of the Creole, but come on . . . . . . . . .


Reviewed May 2007