Peggy’s Superette in Lake Charles = D Rated Boudin


Notice the air bubble in the casing? Not appealing. The medium link is in the foreground and the hot link is in the background. Their coloring is identical.  Peggys_Superette1

Ambiance: The ambiance here is of a neighborhood store where the people from the neighborhood come to buy beer and a paltry few other items.

Location: 2231 Moeling Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601


Price: $3.19 lb.

Presentation: A waxed paper and butcher paper treatment.

Casing: Thin and breakable.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Significantly more rice than meat and the meat is of a questionable nature.

Texture: Moist and mushy without any onions, peppers, or the like.

Spice: Medium is mild and Hot is HOT!

Overall Flavor: Stomach turning. Rice and paprika are the two main flavors you’ll get from these links. The hot has significant red pepper, but the paprika is still overpowering.

Comments: I have very little good to say here, so I’ll leave it at that.


No discernible onions, bell pepper, or anything other than rice, meat, and paprika.

Reviewed October 2010