D’Angelo Brothers in Philadelphia, PA = Boudin ?

Philly Boudin_5

Home-Grilled “Boudin” from D’Angelo Brothers in Philadelphia.

Ambiance: D’Angelo Brothers is in the “Italian Market” section of Philadelphia and the owner prides himself on super fresh, hand-crafted, sausages with some of the wildest recipes and exotic meats you’re likely to find anywhere.  Snake, Emu, or Kangaroo sausage anyone?  No newcomers to the sausage game; D’Angelo’s has been cranking out the freshest sausage in Philly for over 80 years.  The store is sort of spartan but that’s because they do everything “old school” and in small batches.  So, they don’t need or use a lot of fancy equipment here.  There’s plenty of fresh meat at D’Angelo’s and plenty of mounted big game to oversee all of the action. And, as for the owner, let’s just say that he takes his craft VERY seriously!

Philly Boudin_1

The Sausage Master at D’Angelo Brothers in Philadelphia

Location: 909 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147  — 215-923-5637  — www.dangelobros.com

Philly Boudin_7     THE BOUDIN

The question is: Is this boudin at all? The answer must be a resounding NO.  They claim to have gotten the recipe “straight outta the heart of Cajun Country in Louisiana.”  And that’s nice, but it just can’t be true (unless someone was pulling this guy’s leg).  This is a fresh sausage with so much spice and pepper that it tastes a lot more like a jacked up Italian sausage.  Rice?  There is a tiny bit of rice (a few grains here and there) but just enough to be able to say that it is part of the recipe.  We tossed ours on the grill, cooked them up, and LOVED them.  This is some DELICIOUS sausage.  It just isn’t boudin.  Oh, well, no real harm done.  We can heartily suggest that you try the sausage at D’Angelo’s; just don’t expect to find it to have anything at all in common with Cajun Boudin.

Philly Boudin_6

Is there rice in this here boudin? A few grains.

Philly Boudin_4

D’Angelo’s Boudin on the Grill

Philly Boudin_3

They’ll even give a sausage making demo if you ask. Pretty cool.