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Assessment – So, this is a really delicious pizza made by one of the best pizza houses in the entire country.  It is sort of a deconstructed boudin item.  The “boudin” mixture on top is all pork (there does not seem to be any rice in the dish) and it is spiked with fresh green onion and caramelized onions that are put on top.  The pork mixture is fairly mild in flavor and it does not have any heat to speak of at all.  I think the pizza would be better if it the “boudin” mixture packed a little more “boudin” punch.  They certainly don’t skimp on the pork topping, that’s for sure.

One of Dean-O’s pizza’s greatest attributes is its cracker crust and here it pulls the whole pizza together, particularly because there isn’t any sauce to speak of.  The cheese blend is copious too.

Cajun Violation

Overall we really like the pizza and recommend that you give it a try.  There was some hub-bub when the pizza was first introduced here in Lafayette because some pizza joint across the basin in Baton Rouge had copyrighted the name “Boudin Pizza.”  There is clearly something wrong with this country if you can copyright a name like that — but, it made Dean O’s have to come up with a new name.  They had a contest and Cajun Violation was chosen because, as they say, “the pizza is so good they tried to outlaw it.”  We’ll have to give that other pizza a try some time.

Availability: Dean O’s Pizza in Lafayette, – 337-233-5446.

Cajun Violation II

This photo is from the Daily Advertiser.