Don’s Country Corner in Duson, LA = B- Rated Boudin


Donsccoutside DonsCCinside

Location: 7499 Cameron Street, Duson, LA

Ambiance: A tiny and somewhat dilapidated building on the outskirts of Duson. With some of the siding falling off, the place almost looks abandoned or like it might be closed, but it is neither. Inside, this small store is jam-packed with merchandise. If you’re lucky, the train will rumble on past while you’re visiting. In addition to making their own boudin, Don’s Country Corner is known for their boudin balls and pistoletts. They might also temp you with a selection of egg and bacon sandwiches on the counter.



Cost: $ 2.59

Presentation: Carefully wrapped in a piece of hand-torn butcher paper, weighed, priced, and presented at the register.

Casing: Flexible and hard to break. A rubbery texture that is somewhat offensive.

Rice/Meat Ratio: Significantly more rice than meat.

Texture: Kind of chewy and a little soggy. It is thick with rice and enjoys a texture more akin to rice dressing than the filling in other links of boudin.

Spices: Medium

Overall Taste: Tasty with many tiny chunks of darkish pork throughout. It is pleasing to the pallet and filling to the stomach.

Comments: Visually this is not an appealing link. However, while it contains a good deal of rice, it is still full of flavor. It is also a particularly colorful link of boudin with bits of green onion and even flecks of red pepper visible through the opaque casing. Make the drive to this classic little country/corner store, take in the ambiance, eat some good food and you’ll feel connected to rural Louisiana. Thanks to Ms. Mary for this recommendation.

Overall Rating Was: B- (this was a generous rating)

Reviewed on 3/20/04