Don’s Country Mart in Carencro = B- Rated Boudin


Ambiance: A tidy grocery store on the main drag headed into Carencro. Clean floors and a well stocked meat counter ensure a pleasant experience for all your grilling needs.


Location: 372 Credeur Rd, Sunset, LA 70584; Phone:(337) 896-0019



Four glorious links. Notice the unfortunate air bubble a the right side of the second link from the top.

Price: $3.5 per pound.

Presentation: Blue Styrofoam and wrapped tightly with plastic wrap.

Casing: Tough and chewy.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Equal amounts of meat and rice.

Texture: Objectionably moist and runny. Oh my!

Overall Flavor: Not a bad flavor. The pork and spices compliment the rice, but the amount of liquidy juice creates a soupy sensation on the pallet.

Comments: Do not be confused with Don’s Country Mart and Don’s Specialty Meats. They are both in Carencro, but they are not the same place and are not connected to one another. One Linkster felt that the integrity of this link may have been compromised by the fact that the link was made on-the-spot and served immediately: Perhaps. . . . . . . .

Does this man look guilty: Like maybe he should be cutting and not eating boudin filling off a Styrofoam plate? Or, perhaps, he was just startled by a stranger in the boudin making room. Spare us the cutter.

If it sounds like they are cutting up frozen pig’s feet in the back that’s because they are!


The meat and rice mixture being hand churned before heading to the extruded. Yum!?


Reviewed January 2008