Duos Cajun Corner in Opelousas, LA = B- Rated Boudin

We really wanted to like Duos more than we ended up liking Duos.  That’s the way it sometimes goes on the hunt for America’s finest links of boudin.

The links at Duos Cajun Corner are tightly massed. You might even call them “heavy duty!”

Location: 840 Hwy 167, Opelousas, LA 70570 (located at Old Fruit Stand and Nuba Intersection).  337-6280123

Ambiance:  MY OH MY!  This place has tons of ambiance!  It calls out to you to “come and stop here!”  Shack-like and proclaiming all sorts of culinary marvels from Buffalo Style Cracklin (?) to Sno Crab Legs (? Yes, Sno Crab!); how can you not want to pull into this corner stop?  Yes, we understand your reluctance to mix cracklin and sno crab . . . . but give’em a try! Hey, they even have a hand-painted sign over the front door.


Duos Cajun Corner – An almost circus-like atmosphere!


Too-dry for our taste. But we like the idea of chunky pork bits.

The links at Duos Cajun Corner are tightly massed, slightly smoky, and filled with chunks of roast pork and green onion.  We’ve come to appreciate places that include roast pork in addition to braised or boiled pork, but in this case the whole link, including the meat, is just too dry.  The flavor is good, the color is rich, there’s lots of meat, and just the right amount of nicely cooked and partially ground rice.  Yes, there’s a lot of potential in this link and with this particular recipe, but the lack of moisture makes it a bit of a chore to eat.  Even so, we think the overall experience of stopping at Duos makes it worth while!!


We think Duos is a fun place and worth a stop. If you have time to sample the Buffalo Style Cracklin please let us know what you think!

Reviewed: November 2015