Central Market (H.E.B) – “Fresh” Boudin in Houston, TX = F Rated Boudin

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Ambiance: Pure bliss for the upscale grocery shopper. This is a high-end grocery store with a wild selection of gourmet goods. Great meat and seafood choices, wonderful bakery, and awesome prepared foods (from salads to sauces and pizza to pork roast).

Location: 3815 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77027



Price: $2.99 lb.

Presentation: You’ll find it in the fresh sausage section of the meat department. They’ll wrap, it, weigh it, price it, and send you on your way.

Casing: This is a FRESH sausage product. The casing is not cooked.

Meat/Rice Ratio: Much more meat than rice. like maybe 5-10% rice.

Texture: Densely packed meat and peppers are offset by the random grain of rice. Your texture will vary according to your cooking choice. Mine was tight.

Spice: HOT!

Overall Flavor: Hot Italian sausage flavor. In fact, this link is Boudin in name only. If it didn’t have a few grains of rice in it, I’d have thought that a mistake had been made. There were even caraway seeds (those are the little seeds you find in Italian sausage) and red pepper seeds to puctuate the Italian sausage flavor. It was tasty sausage. I enjoyed eating it. But Boudin? No Way.

Comments: Okay, it is an abomination to call this boudin. I feel for the folks who see this and think that they’re going to get to taste some delicious boudin. They are being totally mislead. And, I feel for the folks who know enough to expect their boudin to be already cooked. This is a raw, fresh, sausage that has to be fully cooked to temperature. Outrageous. They’re close enough to Louisiana to know better. I love this store and the foods they sell. But this is beyond the pale.



Reviewed August 2009