Fresh Pickins in Lafayette = C+ Rated Boudin

– Sometimes a link pops up in an unlikely spot.  Fresh Picken’s Produce has locations in Lafayette and in Baton Rouge.  They are a cool, open air, produce market that also sells a wide range of local and regional products.  Up to this point the only hot food option they had was boiled peanuts (quite tasty).  But, apparently, the owners have a boudin recipe they wanted to show off and about a year ago they started selling hot links of smoked and regular boudin.


Can you tell which link is smoked? Neither could we.


– At just $1.99 a link the price is certainly fair.  Unfortunately these tightly wrapped torpedoes of boudin are dry, bland, and generally unappealing.  They’ll likely leave you saying, “meh” and then looking for something more satisfying to eat.  Our testers actually had a hard time telling the difference between the smoked link and the regular link.  Yikes! There’s more long grain rice than meat, but it isn’t the ratio of rice to meat that is the problem.  It isn’t even the mild spice level . . . . .  it is just an overall lack of linkhesion (our version of cohesion).  The flavors and textures just aren’t “there.”


Lots of long grain rice in this link.


Torpedoes of boudin for only $1.99 served with a huge smile. Nice!


Hot Boudin and Pecans!!

Reviewed: October 2016