Gabe’s Cajun Food in Rayne, LA = C+ Rated Boudin Ball

Ahh, the Glorious Boudin Ball!
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Gabe’s Fried Boudin Balls. $1.59 each!

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A popular place with the locals, Gabe’s will hook you up with some good homemade food.

Ambiance:  Gabe’s is the sort of place where locals go with their kids after the soccer game or on their lunch breaks.  It is a nice homey type place that serves killer fried chicken, decent burgers, and a hearty boudin ball too.

Location: 1410 The Blvd, Rayne, LA 70578,   Phone:(337) 334-4820    (Just off Interstate 10)


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Price: $1.69 each

Overall Assessment of the Ball: We’ve noted Gabe’s on various trips through Rayne and finally stopped.  It is a nice place to grab a decent meal that isn’t a typical fast food chain.  The workers are all proud Rayne residents and the locals really seem to favor Gabe’s. The boudin ball is not our favorite.  The hard and thin shell that holds the filling is cooked to a deep golden brown and the filling itself is really loose.  The whole thing has a sort of fried chicken taste to it (we wonder if they fry it in the same oil as the chicken!) and it is not particularly “fresh” tasting.  There is more rice than meat and the rice has a sort of tanned color tinge.  With more pure pork meat, fresher oil, and a bit smaller size we think these balls would be considerably better.  You should check them out for yourself though.  It is important to support these types of non-chain restaurants.

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Reviewed: May 2013