Gautreaux’s in Duson, LA = A Rated Boudin


Gautreauxs GautreauxinsideLocation: 231 Austria Rd., Duson, LA 70529

Ambiance: A simple place. Just the counter, some tables, and a few freezer cases with some excellent Cajun meats, including alligator, quail, rabbitt, pork, sausage and others. They’ve certainly got all the quality Cajun specialties a person would want to feast on. The chances are the owner will be around and he’s sure to offer you top of the line service. He’s also an expert on all things “Cajun Meat” and will be happy to fill you in on the goings-on in the realm of stuffed, smoked, or specially cut meat.



 Price: $2.89 lb.

Presentation: Wrapped in a piece of butcher paper OR in a piece of foil.

Casing: Not brittle and not chewy. A balanced of taughtness.

Rice/Meat Ratio: A proportion bordering on the even, though, perhaps, just a little bit more rice.

Texture: An obliging commixturization of pulverized and meaty pork parts swirling around firm granules of rice and offering a pleasing juiciness throughout. Limited green onion, onion, or other vegetable matter leaves a link of nearly all rice and pork.

Spices: Medium

Overall Taste: Very nice. With a more-than-thin juiciness to it, this link will please but not overpower. You’ll know you’re eating rice and you’ll know your eating pork and you’ll be happy about both. It has a subtle spice about it that ensures a pleasant experience of your taste buds.

Comments: This tiny place is right along Interstate 10 and it is smack dab in the middle of boudin territory with serious contenders in all direction. It is holding its own though. Along with some fragrant cracklins and a good selection of frozen Cajun meat products, Gautreaux’s is a place worth stopping. It might not be a regular offering, but they also sell a variety of alligator products and this Linkster plans on grillin up some alligator burgers in the very near future. You should too. Oh, and make sure to have your picture taken with the pig out front, it is a classic oinker.


Reviewed 5-27-2006